Mummers plays, Robin Hood plays, Wooing plays & Souling are the many names given to colorful seasonal English folk drama plays. These ancient & enchanting traditional plays welcome in the seasons & holidays.  These very entertaining plays include traditional music, song & dance. The costumes are quite fun & very colorful. These traditional plays are very interactive with their audiences. People of all ages love participating in these seasonal plays & audiences are always quite entertained, uplifted & put in great spirit my the merry making! 

Young people love playing the roles of St, George, knights, dragons, jesters, kings, queens, Robin Hood, green man, princesses, fairies & more. Roles for everyone. Colorful enchanting costumes & props are always a hit too!

Ruthanne conducts seasonal mumming workshops for all ages. 
Workshops & residiences have been conducted at schools, festivals, after school programs, community groups, festivals, libraries, museums & senior centers. Ruthanne arrives with with a trunk full of colorful mumming props, costumes & scripts. Call or write for details. 

Plays include St. George & The Dragon, Robin Hood & Little John, Make Way for the Green Man, The Crowing of the May Day Queen, The Christmas Mummers, St, George & the Bully Dragon, Robin Hood brings Spring, A-Souling We Come.
English Mummers & Reveling Plays.
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To learn more about the history & lore of English Mummer Plays & Robin Hood reveling plays follow the link below.  See why these traditional folk theater forms are so much fun, festive & educational.