Storytelling & Song Repertoire Includes:


Old Timey, traditional seasonal music, Celtic, Appalachian, English & International  Folk Music.

Tales from the British Isles - Ruthanne performs several Welsh folk tales  in bilingual form. Tales from the British Isles are her passion!

Appalachian Jack and Molly tales with traditional old timey music & limberjacks. 

Sea songs & stories & ballads from England, Wales and Ireland. 

 French Folk Tales - with Ruthanne & her beloved accordion, fun songs, colorful costumes, hats, props & traditional French puppets.

German folk tales with traditional music.

Tales and lore of the little people of Scandinavia. Hold on to your gnome hats as we venture to magical worlds, enchanted cottages, troll caves and mountains. Traditional Scandinavia music and delightful props & costume.

St. George and the Dragon. A fun, frolicking, interactive tale for all ages. Meet colorful knights, dazzling princesses, a evil Dragon, a dramatic Queen, a King losing his patience, a super funny jester and of course our hero St. George!

Pennsylvania Tales & Haunted Stories with traditional music.

Solstice tales and Greenman tales from around the world with colorful props, interactive dance & music.

Christmas stories from around the world with traditional  music.

Nature, flower and fairy lore from around the world. 
 Enchanting stories & songs are very interactive, magical & educational. 

Stories for girls.  Powerful wonderful  strong girl tales.   Heroic girls and their adventure tales from around the world. GIRLS RULE!! 

Elder Tales - Beautiful & inspiring elder tales from around the world. Engaging intergenerational activities, music & fun for a wide age range.  Feisty, adventurous & memorable elders from around the world.  Meet unforgettable elders full of wisdom, grace, humor,  energy,  creativity, knowledge & charm.  

Storytelling & Song Repertoire.
Ruthanne performs stories & songs for all ages.